A Message from the President

Our Aspirations
for Thoracic Surgery in 2022

Yoshiki Sawa,
Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
The Japanese Association for Thoracic Surgery

President: Yoshiki Sawa

I extend my very best wishes for a happy New Year. It is an honor for me to be re-elected as President of the Japanese Association for Thoracic Surgery (JATS) that is steeped in tradition, and I brace myself as I begin my second term. During the two years of my first term, the COVID-19 pandemic reduced our physical activities to less than half the level before the pandemic. On the other hand, even during the pandemic, we have revamped the way the Association’s Annual Scientific Meetings and committee activities are conducted while maintaining a balance among the three thoracic disciplines so that there is now greater flexibility in the management of these activities even compared with pre-pandemic times. Thanks to the efforts made by all members of the Executive Board and the Secretariat, I believe that the three Chances and five Missions that I identified are gradually being accomplished.

In the midst of this protracted pandemic, what should we do now to secure the future development of our Association at a time when it is entering an arduous phase of transformation? The Association has a long tradition. It started in the field of respiratory surgery, and was built up over time by our predecessors. I hope to do whatever I can to ensure that it has a bright future by shoring up again the valuable role and leadership it has fulfilled over the last 70 years and enhancing its international brand.

In this light, we will focus on the development of young thoracic surgeons, the JATS NEXT, who will lead thoracic surgery a decade from now. We will do this by engaging them in the management of the Association. At the same time, in April next year, we will publish the inaugural issue of the case report journal that had been pending. The JATS Academy and the re-energized activities of the JATS local chapters are some of the unique features of our Association. We will leverage these as well for the development of young thoracic surgeons. By becoming an incorporated association, we have been able to review our finances, including the management of the Association’s Annual Scientific Meetings, and build a stronger foundation for our activities. The operations of the Secretariat have been rationalized with the addition of new staff members, and we are undertaking renovation of our offices and improving the working environment of the staff members. I believe that we should also work with other societies in terms of policy and improve the status of thoracic surgeons by providing better incentives in their treatment and further promoting work style reforms. I am convinced that through these efforts, we can give renewed strength to the important role and leadership that our Association has delivered over the last 70 years and ensure its development into a world-renowned association with a strong international brand.

“With vision and leadership, we create an association that is challenging, sustainable, and tough in order to maximize development of activities in the three thoracic disciplines and deliver on their integrated strengths, bring about scientific advancement and rational management of our Association, train and develop the next generation of thoracic surgeons, and establish our international brand.” I believe this should be an important goal over the next several years. For this purpose, we will seek to adopt a forward-looking, positive, enjoyable, open approach to management, one that will instill a strong sense of unity and achievement and one that will stimulate and deepen discussion. I am convinced that this will lead to the development of surgery and thoracic surgery in particular in Japan and thereby contribute to the world. I would like to ask our members for your continued understanding, support, and kind consideration towards the Association.



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